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Cloud Migration

Oracle Cloud provides best-in-class services for hosting your business applications, databases, virtual machines, Web sites, and email. Services are designed to be fast and reliable with 99.999% uptime. They come with strong security provided by multiple layers of protection, including authentication, authorization, encryption at rest & in transit, advanced virus/spyware filtering, privileged access control, automated patching and updates. You can choose from a number of hosting options that include SaaS (Services as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Our experienced team of IT professionals, are specialized in migration to cloud services. Our knowledge and skills allow us to build flexible infrastructures on various clouds, taking into account the characteristics of the projects under migration. We help migrate applications to Oracle Cloud and use its migration and hosting capabilities for building a new platform for hosting applications and storing data.

To create a smooth transition from an existing or on-premise IT infrastructure to a cloud solution, Lexicon One  engineering team provides expertise in designing and implementing a blueprint for the migration. Our hands-on experience helps ensure a safe and secure transition to the cloud.

Our solutions include :